Books, books, and more books. Classic literature, fantasy, romance, horror, sci-fi, etc. I will delve into the world of words and give my honest opinion on the books that I have encountered and still encountering as I journey through the shelves. From the controversial Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by E. L. James to the classic Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, I will not discriminate by era or by genre. Each book has a mind of its own therefore no two books will be the same to me.

Now let’s face it, in this current hiatus we call “life” no able human has the time or energy to sit down in a meadow and read a book. This is one of the main reasons reading has taken a backseat and many people have lost interest in literature. Reading a book can take you into an entirely new world and open the imaginative crevices in your mind to new heights. If you want to escape reality for a few pages, take my advice and pick up a book!


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